Christian Heritage Homeschool Co-op At a Glance

Saguaro Canyon Church

10111 E Old Spanish Trail

Tucson, AZ 85748



10:30am – 2:00pm

Fall Semester:

September – December

Spring Semester:

January – April 

I’m sure you have so many questions! Joining a homeschool co-op will bring others into your life who are going on the same journey. You will have the opportunity to receive seasoned wisdom, learning from those who have gone before you!

Even if our co-op doesn’t work for your family. We highly recommend becoming part of a co-op that does. There are many benifits, just a few include:

  • Co-ops offer enrichment while benifitting from the knowledge or expertice of others.
  • Co-ops give you the opportunity to bless others in areas the Lord has gifted you.
  • Co-ops provide parents and students with friendship, a support system, and social activities.

We are here with willing hearts to help and encourage you! We would be happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to e-mail us at

Join us for a fulfilling journey