Christian Heritage Homeschool Co-op
Tucson Southeast

Bearing one another's burdens...
Teaching Together, Learning Together, Growing Together

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Why Homeschool?

With over 90% of americans receiving a public education and only 6% of americans holding a biblical world view, it is obvious that something has to change. Download our free publication that explains why we believe homeschool education is critical to the health of the Church and the health of America.

A place to teach together, learn together, and grow together

We exist as a small group of homeschooling families in a parent-planned, parent-organized, and parent-led cooperative format. We seek to train, teach, and lead our children by example - to follow Jesus, love His Church, and live an Acts 2:44-47 lifestyle.

They will know you are my disciples by the love that you have for one  another.

Join us for a fulfilling journey


Christ Centered

In light of all of the division in America today, Joshua 5:13-15 is a valuable teaching when we desire to "choose a side".

Biblically Based

Traditionally Guided

Tailored Learning

As the needs of the children in the co-op change, so does the learning experience.

Communal Effort

In bearing one another's burdens, everyone has a role.

Free of Charge

The cooperative is what the parents make of it. There are no membership dues.

Christian Heritage Homeschool Cooperative - Tucson Southeast is growing into a group of homeschooling believers who put Jesus first, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ first, and Family first.

"By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Brianna Tyler

2nd Generation homeschooling mom

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Christian Heritage Homeschool Co-op

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